10 Fun Things Kids Can Make and Sell

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As a young teenager I got my start woodworking in my dad’s shop. I spent most of my time working on smaller projects on the wood lathe like pens and bottle stoppers. My dad also had some space at a local gallery in town so as a way to help out I would occasionally batch out sets of items to sell at the gallery. This helped to offset some of the costs as I honed my own woodworking skills.

There are a ton of fun things kids can make and sell from your home woodshop or crafting room. This can help to pass time indoors, jumpstart their entrepreneurial career, or bring in a few extra dollars in the summer to save for college.

Some of our favorite places for kids to sell their handmade goods are at craft fairs, school fundraisers, outside of local businesses, or in their parents online shops.

Easy Crafts for Kids to Make and Sell

Help your kids choose a craft that will not only be fun to make but will also sell. Pay attention to the quality of ingredients and materials and help guide them towards presenting a final product that looks good.

After all, we ultimately want the kids to have fun and making a bunch of sales will keep them interested and engaged in the whole process.

Cookie in a Jar Mix

Cookie in a jar mix
Cookie in a Jar by 14thStreetVintageArt

Cookie in a jar mixes are a fun and quick craft for kids to make that sell well locally.

Mason jars are cheap to buy in bulk and you can pick from any number of cookie recipes. Just add layers of the dry ingredients into the jar and include instructions on what wet ingredients to add to finish them.

The jars can then be dressed up with seasonal decorations like bows for Christmas or pumpkins for Halloween.

Beaded Name Bracelets

Beaded name bracelets are great sellers with both kids and adults. The fun, customizable styles look great in person and sell extremely well online as well.

Luckily, beaded name bracelet kits are extremely cheap and a great way for your kids to get started. As their skills and sales grow you can look into higher end materials to add to their supplies.

Colorful Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are an easy, customizable craft that is fun to make and sell.

The world is their oyster when it comes to picking out colors and scents to add. All that is required are the dry ingredients, essential oils, and a bath bomb mold.

You can then up the presentation of the final product by selling them in small boxes with custom stickers displaying your child’s logo.

Wooden Name Signs

wooden name sign craft for kids

Wooden name signs are extremely popular right now among parents looking to personalize their kid’s rooms.

This craft is best done by older kids and under adult supervision as it does involve power tools.

One of our favorite name sign styles is to cut out letters and mount them on a round backing board. The letters or backing board is then painted to create a contrasting look.

Get started by laying out the text on a computer. Free, online tools like Canva are a great option as they include hundreds of font styles to choose from.

After you have printed off the design glue it to 1/4″ wood material like plywood or MDF. Then, using a scroll saw, cut out the letters.

Finish the sign by painting the letters or backing board and gluing them together using a quick drying CA glue.

Soy Candles

Soy Candle Making Kit for Kids

Teaching your kids how to make soy candles is a fun activity that will leave your house smelling incredible.

Note that this is another project for older kids or with some additional adult supervision as it requires heating up the wax.

Soy candle making kits makes it easy for your kids to start making and selling their own candles.

School or town themed scents are a great way to stand out and give their product an authentic touch.

School Planner Stickers

Despite the fact that we live in a digital world a lot of people still prefer to keep track of the day to day lives on paper planners. This goes for kid’s peers in school as well.

Tap into that market by helping your kids create custom school planner sticker sheets. There is plenty of online sticker printing and design options available to make the process quick and easy.

Mason Bee House

Mason Bee House Kid Craft

Teach your kids about the importance of native bee populations and show them a way to help out as well. Mason bee houses are easy to make out of some wood and premade tubes or by just drilling holes into a block of wood.

You can help out by pre-making the boxes in the wood shop and then let your kids fill them in with the tubes.

Crocheted Plush Animals

amigurumi pattern and kit
Beginner Crochet Kit Penguin by TheWoobles

Crocheted plush animals, also known as Amigurumi, are a great way for kids to spend a rainy day. The animals are also very popular sellers in online shops or at craft fairs.

There are tons of plans available online for almost any animal you can think of!

String Art

String Art Kit for Kids
Sunflower String Art Kit by Stringoftheart

String art designs are popular sellers in the home decor and wedding niches. And all that is required is some wood, nails, string and a little design knowhow.

String art kits are available to teach kids the basics of how to get started and set them down a path to create their own elegant designs.

Herb Sachets

Teach your kids how to grow their own herbs and aromatics or take a trip to a local nursery to pick your own. You can either help them sew some sachet bags or, if they are already familiar with the sewing machine, they can make their own. From there simply fill them with dried herbs and close with a tied bow.

These are great sellers for people looking to add a fresh scent to their home.

Watercolor Paintings

Watercolor is a great medium for kids to get started with if they are interested in learning to paint. There are a ton of simple watercolor ideas they can learn from and from there they can expand their skills into more personalized offerings.

Paintings of pets, homes, or families are always popular sellers!

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